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Ira Nirenberg

Presentation Topics:

» Singapore Math

» Common Core State Standards

» Differentiated Instruction


Ira Nirenberg can give you and your staff the tools to increase student achievement in math and science.

Nirenberg worked for Shell Oil for six years, before realizing that his true calling was to be a teacher. After leaving the corporate world, he took a teaching position in New Orleans, Louisiana at Benjamin Franklin High School. During his 25 years teaching math and science, he learned the importance of the Socratic Method. He discovered that education does not consist of an array of facts or isolated pieces of information. Understanding, not rote rules, is the bridge that separates the “knows” from the “know-nots.”

Nirenberg now shares his approach to teaching and learning as a consultant and author. His experience as an ACT test writer and ambitious approach to excellence in STEM subjects can help your teachers and students perform their very best at test time.

Ira Nirenberg's Bio

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