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Linda Allen

Presentation Topics:

» Brain-Based Learning

» Differentiated Instruction

» Classroom Management

» Co-Teaching

» Response to Intervention (RtI)

» Singapore Math

» Guided Reading

» 21st Century Learning

» Professional Learning Communities


Linda Allen has extensive experience as a classroom teacher, an educational specialist, speaker and writer. After mastering skills in her own classroom, Allen went on to work as a Strategies Consultant with Ohio Valley Educational Cooperative. Allen also shares her instructional strategies through books, including recently published Differentiation by Readiness.

Her interest in brain compatible research has provided opportunities to extend her knowledge of brain-based learning strategies, how to build communities of learners, and how to best teach students with special needs.

In customized trainings, Allen works with K-12 general education and special education teachers. Her presentations are always fun, interactive, music-filled, and high energy. Participants practice the activities and strategies as they process information in similar ways that their students will in the classroom. Linda believes that teachers should “feel” the strategies, not just hear about them.

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